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Ecosoc moth monitoring project

Ecosoc moth monitoring projectEcosoc, a student led society based at Tremough, Penryn, is setting up a moth monitoring project at our local reservoirs, College and Argal, managed by South West Lakes Trust.

Our aim is to get everyone interested in biodiversity monitoring, especially lepidoptera, with a focus on our night flying moths. Our surveys will happen regularly throughout the year and we welcome everyone along.

The moth traps, purchased thanks to OPAL funding, will be placed in a variety of habitats and we hope to generate new data on the abundance and diversity of the moths at these reservoirs and how this changes over time.

The two reservoirs are also managed differently, with one being a coarse fishery and the other managed as a wildlife reserve. We’re interested to find out how the species diversity and abundances differ between these two areas.

Please take a look at the Ecosoc moth monitoring project website and get in touch if you’d like to be involved.


Ecosoc moth monitoring project in Cornwall Ecosoc moth monitoring project catch Ecosoc moth monitoring project at Tremough, Penryn